Q&A: Do both parties have to attend final divorce hearing?

Question by DoUCWhatIC: Do both parties have to attend final divorce hearing?
Ok, my wife and i 100% agree on an uncontested divorce, we’ve been seperate for 2+ years and just need to formally go through the process. We sold the house we had last year, have nothing to “split” and no children or money to be given to one or the other. It’s truly just a formality to process. Because of that, we are in the process of a basic Marriage Separation Agreement since most people suggest that and also filing for an uncontested divorce. My question is this, after the papers are drawn up, and both my wife and I sign the seperation agreement and divorce papers (and have them notarized)… we submit the paperwork and then wait for the date for the judge to take our case. With everything signed, it’s uncontested, and so forth…. does my wife really need to be there for the final process? She has school and fears that depending on the date, there might some conflict. I was just curious if she really has to be there when it’s uncontested?
We reside in Virginina, if that makes any difference. Thanks

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